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Welcome To Online Gardener


 We are the Internet's most complete source of gardening information and products for America's 85 million gardening households!

Online Gardener provides state-of-the-art website design, development and hosting services to companies and organizations in the horticulture industry. Our clients include several leading industry trade associations including NYSLNA, MNLA, OLNA and over 200 garden centers, landscape firms, and wholesale growers.

Digital Gardening Resources

What sets Online Gardener apart from other web development firms is our extensive proprietary library of digital Gardening Resources and images available only to OLG clients for private label branding and marketing purposes. The OLG Gardening Resources include the world’s largest digital plant encyclopedia with over 38,000 plant entries as well as hundreds of popular gardening tutorials, gardening FAQ’s and pocket garden guides.  In addition, OLG publishes a daily gardening tips newsletter/blog called The Daily Dirt with over 75,000 opt-in subscribers. Our gardening writers/editors are among the best in the business and are available to help OLG clients with their website copy writing needs.

To view our proprietary online gardening resources click here www.mygardenguide.com.

Professional Web Services Staff

Online Gardener has a very experienced, professional staff of web developers and trained support personnel that can handle any type of web development project that our clients envision including new site design and build, website software migrations, multimedia presentations using Flash, customization of an existing site, e newsletter and email marketing programs and more.  We typically recommend using a flexible open source software platform that can be easily updated with new features at very low expense.

OLG is a Division of ENN Inc.

Online Gardener is a division of ENN Inc., established in 1995 as an online media and marketing company. ENN operates the Environmental News Network, the largest, most recognized online environmental news source in the world. Since 1995, ENN has provided balanced and non-partisan news, information, and interactive resources for individuals, organizations, and corporations with environmental interests.

ENN’s global communications network reaches millions of readers, viewers and listeners each month via ENN.com and its media partners. ENN’s daily newsletter and information website, www.enn.com  is read by over 400,000 viewers each month, an influential audience that includes a cross section of business, government, education, scientific and non profit innovators and leaders working to improve our environment. Additionally, ENN is a leading media source for on-line environmental video and radio programs and features, including EarthNews™ radio syndicated via CBS radio to millions of listeners nationwide.

Through our ENN Media Services division, we can provide our website clients with comprehensive, cost-effective online marketing and communication solutions. Our highly qualified online media and communications staff offers a variety of programs and services to help companies with their online communications needs including:

 ·  Marketing new products, services, and technologies

 ·  Publicizing innovations, programs, and initiatives

 ·  Building socially-responsible brand equity

To learn more about ENN and ENN Media Services, go to www.enn.com


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